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No Easy Target Cover 5 v2 kindle_edited.jpg

No Easy Target


Private Investigator Lucas Holt is embroiled in another case...

While celebrating his friend Mac's marriage to CIA Director Jack Brewer's daughter, Holt is asked to quietly investigate the untimely deaths of two retired agents.

A Bioweapon Capable of Assassinating World Leaders...

Following a visit from President Dana Tripp to a secret government lab, engaged in a chilling scientific program to develop bioweapons tailored to an individual's DNA, it is abruptly shut down, and a bioweapon goes missing.

A Sinister Conspiracy Unfolds...

Deacon Gabe Murray, a former Army sniper with a past, is ensnared in an assassination plot. After the deacon's attempt to extricate himself from the clutches of a callous blackmailer, his children are kidnapped.

Treachery at the Highest Levels...


Are the deaths of the CIA agents and the kidnapping of the deacon's children related? Pursuing every lead, Holt's investigation pulls him into the vortex of a vast conspiracy fueled by personal agendas and lust for power. Influential government figures appear complicit, but who is truly pulling the strings?

Can Lucas Holt stop this heinous plot and ensure the leader of the free world is No Easy Target?

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