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Trust No One


Private investigator Lucas Holt is caught between the FBI and terrorists...


On the heels of a personal tragedy, Lucas Holt receives a personal summons from Charles Gates, his ex-Delta Force commander. Gates, who now owns a global security company, implores Holt to find his missing grandson.

As Holt interviews family and friends, he can't shake the feeling that everyone is hiding something. Brandon's University roommates are reluctant to help, his girlfriend denies their relationship and the FBI wants Holt to stop the search. Then Holt learns Brandon's disappearance coincides with the hiring of Gate's firm to guard a research lab that is developing a lethal bioweapon. Is Brandon a kidnap viction or a conspiritor?

Dr. Robert Vilari is a bioengineer caught between death and betrayal...


On a business in Lebanon, Dr. Vilari is drugged and blackmailed by the sinister Mr. Abboud, broker for a dangerous terrorist organization. Refusal to steal a bioweapon from his lab will mean death for Vilari and his family. With no choice and everything to lose, he takes the steps that will brand him a thief, a coward, and a traitor.

Lucas Holt is in a race against the clock...


Holt must ignore FBI warnings if he is going to find Brandon and stop the delivery of the bioweapon to a band of terrorists. Disturbing details surrounding the theft emerge, and Holt discovers a shocking revelation.


What do you do when you Trust No One?

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