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Move to Spike


Private Investigator Lucas Holt must free a woman from the clutches of a Mexican drug cartel…

When Holt receives a call for help from his brother, Evan, he and Maddie Grange fly to San Diego. Evan’s girlfriend, Jackie, an investigative journalist, is missing after meeting with a traitor from the ruthless Corsica drug cartel.

Lorenzo Corsica wants Jackie Azueta dead…

The brutal murder of a Mexican reporter prompts Corsica’s right-hand man to flee. No one betrays Lorenzo Corsica. After meeting with Jackie Azueta, the traitor is assassinated and Jackie is gone. When Corsica’s US man-in-charge, Roberto Torres, refuses to tell him what he knows about the missing journalist, a furious Corsica sends his son, Antonio Ranalli, for answers.

When people connected to Jackie begin to die, Holt knows the cartel is closing in …

Ranalli is on a killing spree in his search for Jackie to stop her from exposing one of the largest cartel operations in the US. To keep those close to him safe, Holt is in a race against time to find Jackie before the assassin.

       Will Holt be able to stop the drug lord’s lethal move to spike?

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