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Stop At Nothing


No one wants Private Investigator Lucas Holt to find his daughter…


Holt must unravel a Gordian knot of secrets to expose the plot behind the sixteen-year-old kidnapping of his daughter Marnie. But someone is on his trail, watching his every move. Unearthing those responsible for Marnie’s disappearance could topple the presidential election. And send the culprits to prison.



The Committee will stop at nothing to put Senator Todd Grayson in the White House…


The powerful, well-financed organization sees the election as in-hand until it learns one of its members has gone rogue. Their agenda now in danger, they discover a brutal assassin is on the loose with his own plan to uncover the Committee’s actions. Now there are two desperate, trained men looking for Marnie Holt; one would save her and one may kill her.


Holt is tortured by a moral dilemma: Kill in cold blood or lose Marnie forever…


The election is less than two weeks away. Lucas Holt knows if he doesn’t find answers fast, Senator Todd Grayson will become president and shield the guilty. An unlikely source offers him one last chance to find his daughter. But is the price too high?



It all comes together in a shocking twist and a surprise ending when revenge takes center stage.



When it comes to finding the truth, how do you break a man who will stop at nothing?

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