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STOP AT NOTHING - Available Now
Below is a short preview of Lucas Holt - Book 3, For more, see the Sneak Peaks tab.

No one wants Private Investigator Lucas Holt to find his daughter…

Holt must unravel a Gordian knot of secrets to expose the plot behind the sixteen-year-old kidnapping of his daughter, Marnie. But someone is on his trail, watching his every move. Unearthing those responsible for Marnie’s disappearance could topple the presidential election. And send the culprits to prison.

~4/25/2017- updated 8/24/2017

TRUST NO ONE - Available Now
Book two in the Lucas Holt series is available now on Amazon, either in Kindle or paperback. To order, return to the Books tab, choose the book you want and click on "Purchase" to go directly to the item on Thanks for visiting.


TRUST NO ONE - Kindle Available for Pre-Order
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TRUST NO ONE - Available September 6th
In book two, Private Investigator Lucas Holt is caught between the FBI and terrorists.  
After a tragic personal event, Lucas Holt takes an assignment from his ex-commander, Charles Gates, to find his grandson, Brandon.  As Holt interviews suspects, he can’t shake the feeling that everyone is hiding something. Brandon’s university roommates are reluctant to help, his girlfriend denies their relationship, and the FBI wants Holt to stop the search. Then he meets Celeste Boxer…
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